Edition and translation

Shortly after the manuscript came to Heidelberg from the monastic library in Lorsch, scholars began to work with it there. A first partial edition was presented in 1600 by the jurist Marquard Freher. The project of the first complete edition of the Lorsch Codex was begun by Magnus Klein and continued by Andreas Lamey. A modern edition satisfying scientific demands was produced by Karl Glöckner.

Latin editions

German translation

Usage Notice

The digital facsimile of the Lorsch Codex, the edition of the Latin text as well as its translation into German are linked to each other with document accuracy. This means that you can jump from a document in the digital facsimile directly to the corresponding text passage within the Latin edition and the German translation - and vice versa. It is therefore possible at any time to switch between, for example, the Latin text by Glöckner and the original manuscript as a digital copy and thus to check the edition. Conversely, one can get the German translation by Minst for a document text in the original with a click on the screen.