List of Persons for the Virtual Monastic Archive of Lorsch

The register of persons includes all identifiable persons from the individual documents contained in the Virtual Monastic Archives. Identifiable means here that it is a person known to research, a member of a noble family known as such or an official person. Due to the overarching theme, all clergymen were also included. The persons are arranged by first names.

In the case of the first names, short forms or verbal hornings were dissolved, for example, "Endres" became "Andreas", whereby the independence of some short forms, which began during the editing period, was taken into account, so that "Hans" and "Klaus" can be found instead of "Johann" and "Nikolaus". Surnames were standardised as soon as one and the same person clearly appears in one or more documents with different name variants. For members of relevant noble or bourgeois families, the spelling commonly used in research was chosen. Otherwise, the surnames were reproduced true to the letter.

On the other hand, the list of persons also contains persons from the Lorsch Codex.

The Lorsch Codex mentions nearly 3,000 persons and/or personal names. In the vast majority of cases, however, it is not possible to identify a real person by the names mentioned.

After the location information from the Lorsch Codex was recorded in a georeferenced location list, Heidelberg University Library also made all the personal names mentioned there searchable. The basis for this was the register of persons published in the volume accompanying the facsimile of the Lorsch Codex (2008), which in turn is based on Karl Glöckner's edition (1929-1936). Via a list of persons, research within the names of persons mentioned in the Lorsch Codex is now conveniently possible.

In the list of persons the mentioned personal names appear several times, if they can be assigned to different, both identifiable and unidentifiable (name only), persons. Only the specific person names are assigned to the entries for identifiable persons. Entries for name-only names, on the other hand, may also list different persons. Different spellings of the personal names, which are documented in the Lorsch Codex, can also be found in the list.

Where recognisable from the entries in the registry, the functions of the persons are listed. The most common functions are beneficiary, landlord, serf, benefactor, and witness.

The list of persons lists the documents for each of the persons in the chronological order in which they are mentioned. For each of the documents, the corresponding entries in the digital facsimile of the Lorsch Codex, in the Latin edition by Karl Glöckner and in the German translation by Karl Josef Minst can be accessed directly and page by page.

Attention! The persons mentioned in the Lorsch Cartulary are not yet included in the list of persons.